The story of Alpha Kingdom Capital really began in 2002 when the Lord called Rich Mason to start a company with none of the advantages that would foreshadow success. That led to a 10-year financial faith walk, and the Lord provided everything when it was needed. A ministry was born out of that company, and it implemented the first “Do You Believe” event, which was to help people see all the powerful evidence for faith in Jesus Christ. Providence provided exposure to many other startups, and finally a call to fund Christian startups came in 2021. Alpha Kingdom Capital is the result of that calling. The story of the life-changing events leading up to the beginning of Alpha Kingdom Capital are recorded in the founder’s new book, Do You Believe?, available through Amazon. 

Do You Believe?

As a result of the business and faith background of the founder (see his bio), excellence with a purpose drives the culture of Alpha Kingdom Capital. Deployment of capital is serious business for both investors and entrepreneurs, so all the disciplines of due diligence are brought to bear to qualify investments long before agreements are reached. The same diligence applies to managing those investments and supporting the entrepreneurs who put our capital to work.

The distinctive nature of Alpha Kingdom Capital is rooted in Christian faith, commitment to Biblical principles, and the belief that God uses work and business as tools to advance his mission in this world.  His mission is to save souls through the good news about Jesus Christ. Businesspeople are thus ambassadors for Christ and must bring honor to God in everything they do. God’s purpose calls us to the highest standards of behavior. 

At the same time, the grace of God toward us produces the fruit of his Sprit in us—love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Because of all these gifts we receive from God, we should be pleasant to work with. (We’re always trying.) We’re doing what we know we were meant to do, and we’re happy about it!